Physiology Department


To provide the best in class training to students in basic and applied physiology by adopting the most relevant teaching – learning methods & contribute significant new knowledge to the society through need based quality research works. Our vision remains to create a dedicated, competent & compassionate doctor whose ultimate goal is to serve humanity & uphold the ideals of our noble profession.



  1. Physiology is a branch of medicine that deals with study of functions of human body and the regulation of different system. The goal of teaching undergraduate students Medical Physiology is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the integrated functions of the organ systems, which in turn helps understanding the basis of health and disease.
  2. With respect to the knowledge domain, students get equipped with the knowledge of the coordinated body function, the relative contribution of each organ system to the maintenance of the milieu interior, aspects of normal growth and development, physiological responses and adaptations to environmental conditions, the knowledge of the physiological principles underlying pathogenesis as well as treatment of disease.
  3. With respect to skills domain, the student becomes able to conduct experiments, designed for study of physiological phenomena and interpret experimental/investigative data, distinguish between normal and abnormal data, derived as a result of tests, which he/she performs and observes in the laboratory.
  4. Without an understanding of basic physiology, progress made in other areas is limited because every biological advance must ultimately be related to the behaviour of the whole organism. Research in physiology helps us to understand how the body works. It also helps us to realize what goes wrong in disease and to identify new treatments for disease.